Poland. Business Harbour

Move your IT team to Poland within 30 days. We will conduct the whole employee relocation process from A to Z.

If you want to learn how to take advantage of the Poland. Business Harbour and efficiently relocate your IT team to Poland, talk to our expert during a free consultation.

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    Stay and work in Poland without additional permits

    Relocation with family

    Access to the labour market for family members without additional permits

    The possibility of setting up a business as a sole trader

    For whom?

    Small, Medium, and Large
    Enterprises from the IT INDUSTRY

    Start-ups, IT Specialists

    Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan

    Who cordinates?

    Program is coordinated by the Polish government:

    • GovTech Polska in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister,
    • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
    • the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology,
    • the Polish Investment and Trade Agency,
    • the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

    What does the process look like?

    Agreeing upon the requirements of the relocation program and signing the contract.

    Registration of employees and starting the visa procedure.

    Arrival of employees in Poland and starting to work (within 30 days of signing the contract).

    Temporary Housing – including organising orientation trips, enrolling children in Polish schools or kindergartens.

    Settling in Services – support in opening a bank account, obtaining a PESEL number (Polish acronym for „Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population”)

    Long term accomodation and residence permit process.

    Business Harbour

    Why us?

    Do you want to relocate employees within 30 days?

    Due to the complex formalities, the standard visa process may take up to six months. Thanks to the fast-track procedures of the Poland. Business Harbor, cooperation with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) and the consulate, and the constant care of a dedicated assistant, the visa process can be shortened to as little as 30 days. This speeds up the time of relocation and enables efficient business development.

    Do you need someone to carry out the whole project on your behalf?

    Efficient relocation, including all legal formalities, finding residential space, acclimatisation and many other factors is a very complex project. To complete it successfully you require experience. In each process, we carry out as many tasks as possible on our own, taking the burden off the client’s shoulders and saving their time.

    Do you need knowledge and experience to prevent the threats and minimise the risk in the relocation process?

    Relocation of employees involves working with people and complex formalities, which is prone to many risks that may affect the duration and efficiency of the process. Thanks to thousands of hours of experience in relocating workers, we know all the potential threats and may prevent them even before they appear.

    Do you want to take care of your team from IT industry in a new place?

    Working in a new country is often a surprising and difficult experience for your employees from IT sector and their families. Relocated teams, especially at the beginning of their stays, require constant support and contact with a trusted, well-informed person. We provide non-stop support and help with dedicated assistants for relocated employees, thus, every question raised, or a situation requiring support will be dealt with. This is an important element of support granted to non-Polish investors who wish to establish and development IT industry talent centers in Poland.

    Business Harbour

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    Crucial advantages of the Poland Business Harbor

    1. Short time scale of the visa issuing process
    2. Enabling easy relocation of the employee’s family
    3. Granting permanent residence after a reasonable time
    4. Enabling the employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19

    Our experience with Exclusive Worldwide is amazing. Cooperating well together, we have already reallocated more than 200 satisfied families. During the entire program Exclusive Worldwide were completely engaged and responsive to any of our needs. The most important thing is understanding the sensitivity of people changing their lives, and being open minded to the employee’s from IT industry needs. In addition, we have built with Exclusive Worldwide a strong joint team to manage the project.

    If you want to learn how to take advantage of the Poland. Business Harbour and efficiently relocate your IT team to Poland, talk to our expert during a free consultation.

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      Additional information about Poland. Business Harbor program

      How the PBH program differs from the standard path of relocation to Poland?

      Poland. Business Harbor program is a fast-track immigration procedure with minimal documentation requirements for both the companies and the relocated IT specialists. As the program is stable and predictable, it allows Polish companies to think about employing a large number of foreign employees, or about the relocation of entire groups/ branches of companies. Contrary to the „standard” procedure, where it seems that, we have to fight hand in hand with the companies we support against the formal procedures of the state administration, in the PBH program companies are treated as partners.

      Consulates in the countries covered by the Poland. Business Harbor program with the Polish Investment Trade Agency and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development as a partner are focused on supporting the relocation operation, so there is no problem with obtaining visa appointments. Outside the program, it would often be impossible to book even 5 meetings at the consulate on one day. In the case of IT sector groups relocated under the PBH program, we have managed to have more than 40 meetings per day.

      The Poland Business Harbor program offers the possibility of obtaining visas with a work permit for the spouses of the applicants. In the standard procedure, families not only have difficulties with obtaining visas at all, but upon arrival, they are not able to start working in Poland without additional work permit. In this case, the program encourages specialists with their spouses, because thanks to a special PBH visa, our labour market is fully open to them.

      Can foreigners set up and run own business in Poland under PBH? Can they set up and run an enterprises as a sole trader?

      Yes, a foreigner residing in Poland on the basis of a special PBH visa may set up a sole trader business and became entrepreneurs. This is a very big advantage for the specialists with Poland. Business Harbor visas.

      How is the company participating in PBH supported?

      Companies that decide to relocate employees with their families under the Poland. Business Harbor program receive support from three sides:

      • the government side is represented by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency [PAIH], consulates that treats people applying for a visa under the Poland. Business Harbor program extremely favourably, and
      • Exclusive Worldwide as a reliable partners and coordinator of activities for all parties involved.

      Exclusive Worldwide takes over the coordination of all tasks in the program – covering immigration procedures and formal activities, arranging temporary accommodation and acclimatisation of employees in a new place, as well as legalisation of stay after the period covered by the special PBH visa. Thanks to our role, relocated employees from IT industry can focus on their work and their priorities, while we prepare them for a visa meeting, fill in applications and make appointments.

      The relocation operation, especially of groups, is subject to many changes, often at the last minute. They are related not only to the changing business circumstances for our clients, but also to political changes in the countries covered by the program. For example, blocking EU airspace for Belarus,  resulting in the need to look for alternative, often costly flights via Moscow or Istanbul, or COVID-19 restrictions imposing a compulsory quarantine on people (e.g. Belarusian IT specialists) coming to Poland from outside the EU, or just changes in applicable procedures. You have also to bear in mind that relocation is a big change in your employee’s life and may result in the necessity to coordinate a large number of factors within a certain time window. Individual processing of all cases and changes as well as supervision over the entire program allows us to ensure the highest quality and give our customers a sense of comfort and safety.

      How you can be efficient and cost-effective in the Poland. Business Harbor program with the assistance of Exclusive Worldwide?

      Support for the relocation of 100 people [eg. a group of 50-60 employees from IT sector with their families] is equivalent to a full-time participation of about 7-9 people during the whole operation for Exclusive Worldwide. The Poland. Business Harbor program is always carried out by a dedicated Project Manager supported by a group of people who prepare applications and acquire PBH visas for relocated employees and their families, arrange both their arrival in Poland and accommodation in the first phase of stay in contracted aparthotels, and take care of these employees during their stay. Exclusive Worldwide is also responsible for support in registering the address of relocated employees and submitting applications on their behalf and obtaining PESEL numbers.

      We also support in acclimatisation of relocated employees and their families in a new place, e.g. organising trips, the so-called „Orientation tours”, searching for Polish schools for relocated people’s children, assisting in setting up bank accounts. We offer also support in translating driving licenses, re-registering cars brought with them, obtaining temporary residence permits, and finally in searching for permanent accommodation.  Finally, we can provide safe haven support in negotiating and signing lease agreements, and many other services. The scope of our services and support is always defined according to the individual needs of our clients, which are often large enterprises from IT sector.

      By entrusting us with the full relocation operation, clients can save on the costs of hiring people to carry out these tasks if they choose to do the operation on their own. Perhaps even more importantly, clients do not have to worry about a multitude of activities, tasks and information – they can focus on their own business goals.

      We make sure that all information is properly reported and often involve ourselves in the work of clients’ internal teams dedicated to handling the project. We attach the greatest importance to the quality of communication, high responsiveness to the client and their employees, as well as to pro-active preventive thinking, anticipating possible threats and recommending actions to minimise the risk and optimise the operation from the client’s point of view.

      We offer such values as comprehensiveness of our services and a high level of client support. We are flexible in meeting clients’ needs, ensure good communication, availability and an individual approach to each group and individual employee. We are reliable partner and provide safe-haven ongoing reporting and close cooperation with client teams on a day-to-day basis. We are ready to use whatever tools for cooperation the client chooses.

       If you want to learn how to take advantage of the Poland. Business Harbor program and efficiently relocate your IT industry team to Poland, talk to our specialists during a free consultation.


      Small cats and dogs

      Companies will have to agree to cover pet fees and deposits and you will have to sign a document confirming that you take full responsibility for your pet during your stay in the apartment.

      Please be aware that a 10-day quarantine is required. If your pet is a dog, please let us know. We need to check the possibility of arranging walks or a stay in a pet hotel for this time.

      Big dogs or more than one pet

      It depends on the residential space, which is selected by the company for your temporary stay. We need to know the breed and weight of the dog or details of other pets you want to bring, as we need to check if the Property Manager – will agree to accept them.

      What are the legal conditions for bringing animals to Poland?

      • They need to be vaccinated against rabies.
      • They need to be chipped.
      • They must have a passport or health certificate from a vet, and a written statement from the owner about „the non-commercial nature of traveling with a pet”.

      What are the conditions for getting a car loan in Poland?

      Usually, a foreigner must have a residence card valid for at least one year in order to be able to get a loan.

      What are the income tax rates?

      The Polish Sejm passed the amendment to tax laws that implement the solutions of the Polish Order. The amended laws are to enter into force from January 2022. The new regulation will bring changes regarding taxes in Poland. In this note, there are presented only the most important changes to PIT taxation form January 2022:

      1. Changes to tax-free amount and income threshold

      The tax-free amount of PLN 30,000 will be introduced for all taxpayers who reconcile their income according to the progression. In taxation according to the progressive tax scale the applicable rates for 2022 are:

      • tax rate of 17% will be applied to the tax base not exceeding PLN 120,000
      • tax rate of 32% will be applied to income over PLN 120,000 per year [only the surplus over the amount of PLN 120.000 will be taxed at the rate of 32%]

      In the case of taxpayers using the tax scale so-called middle class relief was introduced.

      1. The compulsory health insurance contribution will no longer be deductible 
      • In the case of taxpayers using the tax scale → health insurance contribution rate will be 9% of income
      • for companies settling PIT on a flat-rate basis → health insurance contribution rate should will be 4.9% of income; however, the contribution may not be lower than 9% of the lowest salary (PLN 270).

      In general, in Poland, an employer deals with the issue of payment of compulsory social and health insurance.

      For all current and applicable tax regulations, it is important to familiarize yourself with the applicable regulations or to use the support of a professional tax advisor.

      What documentation do I need to cross the Polish border?

      At Polish border control, foreigners should usually present a passport with a valid visa, travel and/or health insurance. You should also have documents that confirm the purpose of your stay in Poland. For example: employment contract, work permit, hotel bookings, etc.

      Do I need an Apostille for my employment record while applying for visa?

      No, but Apostille may be required for other documents like marriage and birth certificates of your family members, if you apply for a residence permit.

      Can I buy a car in Poland?

      Yes, of course. To buy a car in Poland as a foreigner, you must have a valid visa or valid residence permit. This can be done even on the first day after arrival. A newly purchased car must be insured and registered. Also remember about the technical inspection requirements.

      How long will it take to procedure our documents in the Application Centre?

      Usually it takes up to 2 weeks, however it depends on the consulate.

      Will the Poland temporary residence permit allow a visit as a tourist to the Schengen zone?

      A temporary residence permit allows you to travel to Schengen Zone countries for up to 90 days in a period of 180 days.

      When can I exchange my temporary residence permit for a permanent one?

      To obtain an EU long-term residence permit (which is an equivalent to a permanent stay permit) you have to stay in Poland with a temporary residence permit issued for work purposes for a period of 5 years.

      We heard that there is a possibility to be employed to Business Incubator. What are the conditions for this?

      If you want to enjoy the benefits of being employed by Business Incubator, you will have to issue B2B invoices for your work on behalf of the Incubator to your employer. You can then be paid by the Incubator based on civil contracts, so-called copyright transfers, which will reduce the tax rate by 50%. It is only possible for people doing work that can be copyrighted, e.g. parts of IT code that can be considered as the author’s work. The discount is valid up to the amount of PLN 85,528 per year, and in excess of this amount the standard tax rate applies. The monthly cost of doing business quickly through the Business Incubator is about PLN 300.

      Do I have to quarantine in Poland upon arrival?

      Yes, during the pandemic there is an obligation for foreigners coming to Poland to self-quarantine for a period of 10 days. It is necessary however to keep up to date with the regulations, as they can change at any time depending on the pandemic situation in Poland.

      Is it possible to be a sole trader according to our permits?

      The current law allows you to become a sole trader in Poland if you have a type D visa – Poland. Business Harbor.

      I have "Karta Polaka" – will I keep all benefits it provides?

      All benefits of the “Karta Polaka” will remain the same, even if you come to Poland with a visa different than D18.

      If I am coming with a permanent partner, what declaration should I sign?

      I…….., holding passport no …………… hereby declare that I live in a permanent relationship with Ms/Mr. ………….., holding passport number ………………., and we would like to relocate to Poland together. During our stay in Poland we will live together at the same address.

      You can also add: Ms/Mr……………. will be insured with me by ZUS, and I will cover all of the living cost during his/her stay in Poland, if necessary.

      Our child's passport was issued when she was 1 month old. Now she is almost 3 years old. Do we have to change the passport which is valid until 2023 with a current photo of her?

      There is no need to change the passport of your child if it is valid for a period of more than 3 months from the visa expiration date.

      Will my wife's visa allow her to work?

      Yes, your wife will be able to work in Poland upon arrival.

      Will I be able to apply for a blue card (Niebieska karta)?

      Yes, you can apply for a blue card in Poland if you meet following requirements:

      -5 years of experience in your current or similar job position or a university diploma awarded in the sector of your current employment;

      -a monthly salary at a minimum level of 7751,21pln gross (minimum requirement 2021)

      -contract of employment signed for at least one year or an indefinite period of time.

      What type of visa will I get?

      It will be a type D23 visa with annotation Poland.Business Harbour. Your family members will also receive the same type of visa. If you are in a non-formalised relationship, your partner will receive a D23 visa, without any annotation.

      Will it be possible to travel to Minsk every month for work purposes?

      You are free to go to Minsk any time you want, on multiple occasions, but only by plane. The land border can be crossed only once within a period of 6 months – due to the pandemic.

      Will it be possible to travel to other countries from Poland?

      Yes, you will be able to travel to other EU Schengen zone countries for up to 90 days within a period of 180 days.

      Will I be able to get a Schengen Poland visa now?

      You cannot get a Schengen visa while applying for a Polish visa, but you won’t need it. A Polish visa (every visa with the letter D) gives you more possibilities than C-type Schengen visas.

      Should we provide translations of all the documents on the list or is it enough to have them/(their copies) in Russian ?

      All documents can be in Russian, no need to translate them.

      “If only one parent/legal guardian will be coming to Poland with a minor – a notarised consent of the other parent or legal guardian who has not signed the visa application form for the departure of a minor from Belarus is required”

      Do I understand this point correctly that in case both parents relocate this document is not required?  

      If both of you relocate, you don’t need this document.

      Is a job offer required for a visa application?

      A job offer letter is not required for the application procedure.

      I don't know if it is important, but are the passports of PP series acceptable?

      Passports with a number starting from PP (issued in a country of residence different than Belarus) are acceptable for the application.

      Could you please provide some information about medical care in Poland?

      If you are looking for medical advice, your first step should be finding a basic medical care institution (in Polish – Przychodnia POZ). You can find them on the Internet (it’s better to find one close to where you live) and sign up for its services which are free if you are legally employed, and have a Polish social security number – PESEL.

      The other option is to use the services of non-public medical institutions which are in most cases paid. You can search for a private institution, contact them directly to find you a suitable doctor, or go to znanylekarz.pl  – a site where you can arrange a meeting with a doctor directly.

      To get emergency medical care in Poland just call an ambulance (999 or 112).

      I wonder if public health insurance covers the employees only or the whole families (spouse, child)?

      Public health insurance (NFZ) covers your whole family.

      My partner works under a contractor agreement for one of the foreign large companies, receives payments for each certificate of completion and pays personal income taxes in Belarus (not as a sole trader but as an individual). Can he continue working in Poland for a foreign large company? How can he be paid by a foreign company? What will be the tax rate if we want to open debit card in Poland bank?

      Your partner can continue working for a foreign company, and normally receive payments to an existing account, or to a Polish bank account.

      Please check with a Polish bank for their specific charges.

      In terms of taxes, the key is the tax residence. In most cases, every person who stays in Poland more than 183 days is obliged to settle taxes in Poland. If your partner would like to continue paying taxes in Belarus, it will be necessary to obtain a Belarusian tax residence certificate and provide it to the Polish Tax Office.

      We want to relocate with a car. How do we do that and what does it cost?

      To move to Poland with a car, your car must be insured, and have a valid technical inspection. Also a so-called Green Card (International Liability Insurance), or border insurance valid in Poland will be required. After  staying in Poland for 6 months you are obliged to convert your driver’s license to a Polish one, and register your car on Polish license plates. The cost of exchanging the driving licence is approx. 60 EUR.

      If we come by car to Poland, will there be a parking place in the temporary accommodation?

      It depends on the temporary housing provider. There could be a parking spot in the building or near the place of your temporary residence, if needed.

      Will my wife be given a PESEL and be able to open a bank account even if she won't be working in Poland?

      Your wife will also receive a PESEL number. Also, every foreigner can open an account at a Polish bank.

      Is it possible to apply for the visas for my wife and/or child without them being present?

      Children should be present with an exception for younger ones (up to 12 years old) due to the pandemic. All applicants should be present while applying for visa.

      What are some services that Exclusive Worldwide can offer?

      Exclusive Worldwide offers services to help professionals from the IT industry or established businesses move easily to the Republic of Poland. The scope of our services and support is always defined according to the individual needs of our clients. Together with the Prime Minister, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, and local authorities, we have developed a practical program to easily relocate specialists from other countries. Thus, every medium, small, as well as a large company that represents the IT industry, can easily relocate to Poland.

      What are the special economic zones?

      Special economic zones in Poland are a separate part of the country’s territory where business activity may be conducted under preferential conditions. Special economic zones are established to develop specified industries e.g. IT industry and to attract foreign investors to Poland. The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development facilitates business contacts with special economic zones in the „business concierge” formula. With special economic zones, foreign companies can count on easy contact with investors and getting financial support – grants for R&D activities.

      What is the Startup Hub Poland Foundation?

      Startup Hub Poland Foundation is a non-profit organisation that helps start ups expand their business in Poland. Selected early-stage technological entities have a chance to connect with investors and get financial support.

      What is the difference between Poland.Business Harbour and Poland. Business Harbor?

      It is the same program. In British English, Poland.Business Harbour program is the preferred spelling.

      For whom Poland. Business Harbour program is dedicated?

      Business Harbour program is available not only to Belarusian specialists but also Armenian, Moldavian, Georgian, Russian, and Ukrainian professionals from the IT sector. There are three paths of participation in the program: for small and medium enterprises, and large companies; for start ups and for individual ICT sector specialists. Now, Polish companies have a huge demand for specialists that represent the IT sector. The development of information technologies is a foundation of growth, not only for the ICT sector but for the entire economy. This is one of the reasons why the Poland. Business Harbor program has been established by Exclusive Worldwide.